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Provide excellent services to customers
Keep firm promise for customers

Enterprise Culture

Core Value

You should feel others--respect for individuals and treat others with all sincerity.

Quality Concept

Challenge on product quality concept
The implementation of the technical standard is not the ultimate goal of quality requirement.

From the pursuit of the product quality to emphasis the quality assurance capabilities.
From backing testing to beforehand preventing ,pursue the "zero defect"of the work.
From enterprise quality management to whole society quality managenment.
Promote the value by zhe quality

Service Connect

Respecting for your customers and understanding your customers,becoming the forever friends with your customers.

Market Service: Stand on customers’standpoint,and research,design and improve the product for customers,meet the requirements between mark and customers as far as possible!

Quality Service: Strictly control the quality of products,and this is a primary task for the establishment of the friend relationship.Stick to zhe first defense line for zhe customers,and make zhe customers have no worries about future.

After-sale service: Pay attention to zhe valuable advices suggested by customers,and put forward quickly and effectively the solutions.Because we believe that zhe customers who can suggest an opinion to us are our VIP customers.

Talent Concept

Eenterprise's Talent Concept:
use emotion to retain talent, use career to attract talent, use work to have physical training on talent, use study to train talent, use mechanism to stimulate talent.

The talent is the first source of enterprise development.The enterprise's talent concept is a guiding ideology and working principle for the selection and use to talent by enterprise.

The truehearted emotion and colonial harmonious is an interpersonal relationship and atmosphere for retaining the talents by enterprises.

The hard works have a challenge.Trying to challenging and training yourself is a requirement of the human development.The creating opportunity and fair competition is a better environment provided by the enterprise for the growth of talents.

The effective learning and training may make talents' quality and ability obtain the continuous improvement and enable talents to provide the endless power for the enterprise development.The creation of the learning-type enterprise may enable enterprises to keep exuberant vitality.

The reasonable mechanism and effective incentives may make the talents consciously play a role and realize your own values.