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Enterprise History

  Shenzhen Zhong Fu Hai Co., Ltd was found on July, 2007 and has own factory base at the same time. The area of the manufacturing shop is about 3,000 square meters. The factory basement has two internationally advanced and sophisticated the production equipments, and the annual output is about 8,000-10, 000 tons. Shenzhen Zhong Fu Hai Plastic Company was found on October of the same year. The company is mainly responsible for the business management and business development. 

   In 2013,due to the company’s expanding development,the company’s management system is also gradually improved. At the same time,in order to meet the production requirements,and our production workshop is expanded to 6,000 square meters.In addition,two advanced production equipments and inspection instruments with high yield.The annual output may be up to 25,000 tons.

       We strictly manage and control the quality management system of the product by layer upon layer,and ask for inspecting each batch raw material,product formulations,packaging and weight.We always adhere to the pre-job training to the company staff’s management.From the first-line production staff to the various department persons in charge,the company consistently establishes the training course process,and knowledge of product use.